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October 06, 2005

10 miles, sleep, weigh in and beef jerky 

After a long day of canvassing Seattle for a firkin t-mobile store (I passed two of them many times with out noticing) it appears I have injured myself. When I got out of bed yesterday I had a huge shooting pain in my left foot when the ball of the foot touched the ground. I had shin splints already from my 10 mile walk but this was new and not fun.

I put on my cool new REI trail running shoes with the cool new insoles for support and headed off to the drycleaners. Every step I took was ridiculous. Today again the pain is there when I walk on it. Its like I have something pinched or pulled and any stretch or weight on it hurts. What a pain…. I don’t have time for this wimpy stuff. So off I go to the foothills of the Himalayas where I will be walking at least 2 miles a day probably…. Oh well. What doesn’t kill you makes you…….

I haven’t been able to sleep at night for 2 days. Last night I actually got out of bed at 2:45am and played Red Alert on my computer for an hour before getting to sleep successfully. I do go through my sleep all the time phase to my awake all the time phase, but the awake phase is not scheduled to start for another week…. Silly body can’t follow directions.

So tonight is the moment of truth as I borrow the neighbors scale to see if my bags are going to make it under the allotted weight. I was 20 pounds over each bag on the way here. The great part is most of the crap is either chocolate, tea, coffee or beef jerky for people at my destination.

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