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September 23, 2005

Since June 2005 I have: 

Only days to go till I head out again on a couple months long adventure overseas. I have not stood still since I returned to the US in June.

Visited 17 US States
Driven well over 10,000 miles (This number only includes road trips over 200 miles)
Started a non-profit company
Printed and mailed hundreds of brochures
Turned 30 years old
Purchased one new set of shoes
Written 1,754 E-mails
Read 2,773 E-mails (not including spam folder)
Lived out of a suit case the whole time
Purchased two new laptops (only one for me)
Purchased 7.1 mega pixel still digital camera
Lost my digital video camera
Raised $500 for a family in need
Was interviewed by NPR
Was featured in a magazine
Got A’s
Gained at least 10 pounds
Ate fast food an average of once per day (see above)
Attended two weddings
Sailed my first 27 foot racing sail boat
Spun a truck around 5-7 times at 70 mph on I-35S and lived to tell the tale
Saw six movies in a theater
Had one flat tire at 2am in Montana
Bought four new tires in Washington
Had four oil changes
Slept a lot
Bought two new watches
Purchased three sets of airplane tickets
And way too much more……

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