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September 05, 2005

Gift Deadline 15 September 2005 

The deadline for birthday entries is Sept 15th. If you have not gotten your entry in by now please review the below parameters and e-mail it to me ASAP. Thanks for your participation and this, your gift!

I would like anyone and everyone who has ever known me to write a "Chapter"
or a page or a paragraph about their experience of me. It doesn't have to
be nice or funny (unless it was) but it has to be a real experience or thought
you have had about or with me.

Please include the following:

1. Date and Country we meet in (or as close as possible)
2. First impression of me, Last impression of me
3. What you thought I would do with my life back then and what you think I
will do with it now (or it will do with me)

You are writing the first 30 years of my life so keep it real. If you want
to write a chapter or two that is cool. If you want write a single
paragraph or sum me up in five words that is fine also.

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