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September 10, 2005

Another road trip! 

I drove 6000 miles last month and I am about to add 1200 to that in one day! Its 1115PM and I am waiting on a truck to arrive. A friend of mine and I will be driving this truck to Arizona non stop. Yahoo says 17 hours, Google 19 hours, and Map Quest 15 hours… I wonder who is correct. The story on the tuck is it was rented by this chick who was given a promotion and she was moving to New Orleans, she got to Texas and apparently the hurricane and levy rupture lead to the destruction of her office. So she flew back to Arizona. She got to keep her promotion and salary increase but back to the old job. My buddy has a way of falling into these strange situations. So anyway. He is driving the truck back for them for a fee (which will help fund his upcoming trip to Pakistan and Afghanistan with me). I am along for the ride, to help and to visit my sister and another buddy of mine for a while. Now the only question is do we drive the Mexican boarder route through El Paso or the northern route through Santa Fe? Either one will probably suck.

I was really happy to get out of the car when I ended my last road trip, and now two weeks later I am back on the road (although I went on a short seven hour road trip in between). Soon I will be back to sitting in airplanes for hours instead of cars.

If I could have all the time I have spent in transportation back and all the money I have spent on communication back, I would have an entire new long life as a wealthy man.

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