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August 01, 2005

Road Trip 

My 2223 mile road trip turned into a 2500 mile road trip and took me three long days. I remember back in the day when I could drive 3k miles in three days and still be ready to party… I am old.

My trip was mostly boring except for a stop to see an old cop partner, and some family along the way. I drove mostly through the night so I could be alone and not deal with traffic. About halfway through the trip I wondered what my brother would think if I flew back….. haha

I would have to say the high point of my drive was paying $460 for four new tires 2200 miles into the trip. Most of the tired should have been changed before I left, but with the amount spent on getting the vehicle road trip worthy plus a 100k mile tune up…. We just couldn’t bear to spend more.

Montana is an amazing beautiful state when it’s not 2 am and your stick trying to change a tire on the side of the road in the middle of no where dodging 18 wheeler trucks. It only took me like an hour + to change the tire in pitch blackness (although my surefire light was handy). The spare tire was worse than the one that blew but I was able to make it a few hundred more miles on it (two states). The great thing about Montana is there concealed weapons law recognizes the my out of state CHL so I felt a little better changing the tire with my gat strapped on.

Wyoming will always be known to me as the road kill state. There was a 150-200 mile stretch of road that was just covered in road kill and live animals standing on the side of the road waiting to be killed. I hit a number of carcasses that were already dead, but was able to avoid over 15 rabbits and a deer. I saw a lot more than that waiting to cross the road, but those are the ones I actually missed hitting. I guess that is the bad part of driving all night… more animals.

The one live animal I did hit was a skunk. It was halfway through crossing the highway when I saw it, I usually don’t swerve for small things cause that is more dangerous… but I knew I was alone on the road and had the time and space so I started taking evasive maneuvers. Of course the skunk decided to stop and change direction. I was able to adjust and put him between my tired (so as not to run him or her over with the actual tire) however Le Pew decided to stick its ass in the air as I rolled over him and spray the undercarriage of my vehicle. Its ass was hit and I am sure it learned its lesson and survived… however, I also learned what a skunk smells like first hand.

My vehicle stunk for multiple states…… Luckily it rained two states later and it took most of the smell with it.

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