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August 01, 2005

The place I am staying in Seattle 

In the five nights I have been here so far, I have slept in three different places. The main place I am staying is in a trendy “gay” neighborhood. It’s a very diverse place with a great view of the space needle. The days are filled with music resounding through out the neighborhood from a school of music that is just across the road. Everything from jazz to classical can be heard on a regular basis. I have really enjoyed that. The weather is awesome. Even when it’s hot the windows and door stay open because very few residential properties have A/C.

One thing that pisses me off is that I have over six WiFi networks in range of this apartment and they are ALL encrypted. This is Seattle… share the love man! Seriously. Use your firewall and don’t encrypt your signal… dicks.

Last night was the eleventh Sunday after Pentecost. We walked up to Saint Mark’s Cathedral and enjoyed the Compline which are the ancient nighttime prayers, sung by monks (Compline choir) I guess it is a famous Sunday night tradition in Seattle. Its broadcast live on Seattle NPR. It was very cool, interesting crowed… as there always is at any cathedral. Lots of people just walk in and lie on the floor or do whatever in complete silence. Cathedrals make me think about the crusades.

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