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August 05, 2005

Blue angels, donuts and free WiFi 

I have been spending the past few beautiful days inside a coffee shop consuming caffeine in trade for free WiFi. I sit on wooden uncomfortable chairs for hours and hours…. Just for WiFi.

I was woken up yesterday by the sound of F-18’s buzzing the apartment. They where low! It was the Navy’s Blue Angels in town for the sea fair this weekend. They have been practicing for the past few days. All the “cool, alternative, tattooed, liberal, homosexual, punk intellectuals” of this neighborhood can be heard complaining about it on the street.

On a serious note, there are more butch lesbians here than anywhere I have ever been. I like Seattle because of its diversity and its activist population but it seems to me everyone is extremely self-involved. I mean, I think that about everywhere I go in the US and I think I am the same way a lot, but for being an activist “intellectual” type place I would expect a better defined world view from most people.

One other thing that strikes me here is the amount of white people. Not to mention the amount of young white street people who are begging for change. Seriously I get so angry at them. I really just want to kick there asses and then write them a resume and make them get a job. They are like 18-27 years old, in better shape than me and not ugly… yet they are lazy bastards who feed off the lower and middle class. If it wasn’t against the law I think I would have to punch a couple of them and then kick them while they are down. Seriously. You wanna see poverty you little snot nosed wanna be homeless kid? I’ll take you to where poverty exists and you will cry like the lazy bitch you are.

Wow that was a little psychotic! Anyway, it really does bother me. I mean the old guys and gals that are crazy and on the street have my attention and compassion, but the young ones get NOTHING.

Suck it up and pull yourself up by your

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