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August 15, 2005

Bachelor Party, Grandma, and FedEx 

The bachelor party yesterday went off with out a hitch. Was a great time of man bonding and cultural experiences.

We started out the day around 1pm with a few shots, then out to paintball. We played some intense paintball for about 3+ hours and I have a number of bruises, strawberry marks and scars to prove it. Not as many as everyone else though! The groom got pummeled and yes even took one in the nuts! And no I did not shoot him in the nuts.

Some 12-14 year old boys came up to us and wanted to play us, they were talking smack… I was very nervous and voiced my doubts about playing them. I may be highly trained and have many related skills in real life, however I knew I would be no match for a 13 year old kid that paint balled every chance he got. I didn’t feel like getting wasted by a pre-pubescent little punk. But we ended up playing them 9 boys against 9 men, wooded area, and elimination. The men strategize and we killed all nine of the kids in less than 6 minuets. They were good, but they couldn’t handle the psychological pressure of suppressing fire or flanking movements, and they saw all of their buddies get shot not once but about six times before they where able to yell “I am hit” so we would stop shooting.

Beating the little kids did a lot for our self esteems.

From there we went back to the groom’s house and showered, BBQ, and drank. Then on to some serious go-kart driving. Go-carts have changed since I have grown up. They are fast and crazy fun. We had one huge wreck that almost involved a real Porsche being run into when the Nepali guy lost control hit the wall, went through it and came within 3 feet of the Porsche! That was cool!

From there it was bars, cigars and who knows what. A good bonding time was had by all and we all made it home safely.

Tonight Marigold and I took her Grandma out to dinner. She is 84 or so and is awesome. She has been publishing this weekly family newspaper for more than 24 years!

We took her to the Old Spaghetti Factory; there was a wait so Marigold gave her name for the list. As we where walking away Grandma said “Did you give them your real name?” “I always like to give them a silly name so they have to call it out in front of everyone when it’s our turn.” Yea, Grandma like most of us mischievous pranksters still at 86 pulls Bart Simpson type pranks. It was really cool to talk with her and recognize so much of the same stuff I see in Marigolds mom and Marigold. Family is crazy interesting.

One problem with gated communities is that the FedEx guy can’t get in to leave packages at your door. I have been trying to get this package for like four days now. I have a signed door hanger on my door and on the gate… what a pain.

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