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July 14, 2005

Pakistan province backs moral law

Maulana Fazlur Rahman, head of the religious MMA alliance
A new watchdog will monitor people's "moral behaviour"
Pakistan's North-West Frontier province has passed a controversial bill to introduce Taleban-style moral policing in public places.

The legislature called "Hisba" (accountability), was passed with 68 votes in favour and 34 against.

The "Taliban Style" law passed. Now its time for the central Government of Pakistan to disolve the NWFP government and start over.

Pakistan is headed for more hard times.

Officials in Pakistan have confirmed that one of the men who carried out last week's bomb attacks in London had previously visited Pakistan.

News that one of the London suicide bombers studied at a Muslim religious school - or madrassa - in Pakistan has once again raised questions over the country's sprawling system of religious education and what it is producing.

Its time for some 50 Cent style security baby! "What up Gansta?"

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