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July 11, 2005

Do you know how beautiful you are to me

A feeling of the late glimmering evening by

candlelight and wine

The far away moments in foreign lands that course through our veins

and burn themselves so deep inside

I feel lost without them

The smell of passionate love-making

all my senses spin when my

flesh touches yours the

taste of you in my mouth

it is not hard to love you -- it is not hard to want you

You are the music I dance to on my own

with your eyes watching me, caressing me while

I close mine and stop just for

that one moment

when I feel so alive

You are that summer breeze that whispers dreams and hopes to me

In that very moment

There is always you.

You are the embrace that dispels my fears

The one who has taught me to believe in love

The one I yearn to run to and when we part

I know I will fear. I will fall. I will look for your embrace

I will dream of you and you will stay with me

until its time

until then

you are on my mind

Love. Keep us together.

Together, you have told me

We will.

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