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June 04, 2005


The Road Trip of the South:
Marigold came to visit and take a road trip. Travis flew in from his overseas adventures. The last time we hung out was 20 minutes at a layover Travis had on his way home from another oversea adventure (do you get the theme here?) in August of 2001. After several years of hanging out prior to, and then several years emailing and calling after, the friendship picked up where it left off. Hanging out, and making new stories that are really only funny to the two of ‘em.

We set out Wednesday June 1, 2005. Drove from Austin to Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge to New Orleans, New Orleans to Memphis, Memphis to Greenville. Spent huge chunks of time on bridges that went over swamp lands in Louisiana. Drove lush green highways in Mississippi. Drove past a Disneyland-esque huge line for Graceland (the main goal in Memphis). We decided to skip that and go on to Greenville which has the one thing we really don’t want to miss. Birthplace of the Frog exhibit, which is where Kermit the Frog was “born.”

We’ve gone 1100 miles, not gotten pulled over, seen a million crop dusters, a ton of “church” signs. Stopped for a lube on the truck, after which the guy we paid shook Travis’ hand and God Blessed us.

One of us (no names) has been wussing out with a sore tummy. Fortunately it hasn’t stopped him from eating junk food or pizza, which is what we’ve been living on. Marigold has been doing a very good job letting go of her awful caffeine addiction, which hasn’t been easy. Starbucks’ reach is very far, but not so much here in the south.

Fun Facts to Tell Your Friends:
If you live in Mississippi and are hugely overweight, chances are good your car will have large rust spots and resemble a water vessel.
Mad Libs are not funny with Travis. He doesn’t know what Adjectives are. Among other things.
Being a Marriott Executive with Rewards pays off… Free Hotels!! I highly recommend signing up… tell them I sent you…
Looking for Baskin Robbins? Try Mississippi! They have tons of them!
Seen a Piggly Wiggly? Want to? Also Mississippi!
Love Waffle House? See above… Mississippi is your answer!
Like dirty downtowns? Malls listed as tourist attractions? Try New Orleans!
Louisiana has HUGE bridges on top of swamps. I think they’re probably some of the longest bridges in the world. Fill up on gas before you start driving… they don’t have a lot of gas stations out there, wouldn’t want to swim for it!

Things we’ve listened to:
Led Zeppelin
Soundtrack to Austin Powers 2
Soundtrack to Starsky & Hutch
Tenacious D
Benny Goodman
Garth Brooks
Basement Jaxx
Beach Boys
Simon & Garfunkle
Limp Biskit
Damien Rice
Soundtrack to Gross Pointe Blank
The Audio Book “America the Book” by Jon Stewart

Things I’ve read:

Ghost Written for Travis

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