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June 23, 2005

No sleep till Brooklyn 

Did you know that in the puritan southern state of Texas one can not buy alcohol before 7AM! What is up with that?

Around 5am this morning I decided to go get some breakfast and do some grocery shopping. Now those of you who don’t know me probably think I got up early to do this… that is just silly. I was still awake, so I ventured out.

I was one of two people in the 24 hour grocery store. This is usually the young trendy hot chick grocery of choice (I usually avoid it) but none insight this morning. The lady looked at me weird when she said “You can’t buy this” I was stunned, taken aback, and then I remembered… I was in Texas! Here in Texas only Catholics would want wine at 530AM and since Catholics are going to burn in hell anyway, (because they aren’t southern Baptists) they figured they would make a law about it.

I made a u-turn in a no u-turn after 4am crossing… it was 545am. I am such a rebel.

I go through cycles of sleep all the time or no sleep at all. I thought I was over the no sleep at all thing. I had been in the sleep all the time phase for a long time. But here I am awake still.

So anyway, luckily for me I had a bottle or Shiraz back in the dungeon so I will nurse a glass and eventually go lay down and hopefully nap.

I talked to people all over the world on my Skype last night/this morning, nice tool.

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