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June 22, 2005

Is the world ready to have UBL captured or killed? 

The media have been causing havoc with relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan in recent weeks. The CIA director has made comments that the media says mean he knows where UBL is. All fingers (in the media’s opinion) point to Northern or Easter Pakistan. However there are still some (A tiny minority) who say UBL is in Iran.

What will the word look like with out UBL mysteriously hiding somewhere?

What will the world look like when UBL is in the custody of some country?

What will the world look like when UBL is confirmed dead?

I don’t have the answer but I can see a number of very bad scenarios that involve ignorant members of the media inciting extremists, ignorant members of government spouting cocky competitor religious views (i.e. the Christian God helped us catch him finally) etc..

In other scenarios it may just be the world says good ridden to an idealist extremist (much like when the present US presidents term is up) but no one knows for sure.

However I bet this organization will be busy during that time.

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