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May 26, 2005

Thursday, May 26, 2005 707 PM Paris time

So my posts are out of order today… oh well. I am now in a room in Paris. I convinced them to rent me a room based on an e-mail from my bank that says nothing and a hotel bill from four days ago. Just took a shower!!! Very exciting stuff. I consumed three of those little bottles of red wine on the plane on the way here from Dubai as I was sitting next to a woman holding a very big crying baby. So needles to say I didn’t sleep much.

When I arrived back from Afghanistan my ticket back to the states was not ready. I was scheduled to leave only six hours later. My travel agent work hard and unscrewed the situation so I made the flight. I stayed with a local family last night…. Although I didn’t sleep. I laid down for about 45 mins. I had to be at the airport by 130AM and we didn’t even start eating dinner till 1030pm.

French TV sucks by the way. Oh I forgot to mention…. All those 0900 number commercials in Europe (Americans read 1-900 numbers) are broadcast via satellite to Afghanistan! I am not talking about the American version of the 1-900 numbers where the girls have cloths on and talk sexy. I am talking about full on EUROPEAN completely nude touching yourself porn. I could not believe my eyes! Sitting in the same country that the Taliban ruled only a short while ago watching this crap! Amazing irony.

One observation about Kabul is that there are a TON of girls in school! I mean A TON. They where everywhere. Age 9 to 16 in school uniforms. The weird thing is almost every other Afghan woman there is in a burka covered head to toe.

I got the New Star wars on DVD. Master print! I also got the new hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

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