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May 01, 2005

Three weeks ago one of my local friend’s wives was “sick”. They where very worried. They are Christians, very good people with a high moral standard. They have four kids. One day I asked him how she was, he said she was going to go to the hospital for “Surgery”. I attempted to clarify what for and found out that she thought she was pregnant and they where both VERY upset and worried. She especially was not happy and doesn’t like hospitals.

Two days later he looked very relieved and happy, he came up to me first thing in the morning and excitedly explained that she had been working hard around the house and lifting heavy things and was able to “finish” her sickness. “It has gone”

That day we where in town and he stopped at a telephone place and called her, he was so excited he put me on the phone to talk to her, she was very excited to over it and sounded very happy and well.

Basically she was going to have to go get an abortion at the hospital but was able to induce a miscarriage herself.. and that was much better.

I wouldn’t think that this event would have any effect on me, but it did. It made me think again about how our wealth in affluence in the west both makes us completely careless and at the same time anal retentive about specific subjects.

In this culture they had enough kids and couldn’t afford any more financially or emotionally so necessity was the order of the day. In the west it’s a moral issue. We call it ending a life and a “real” Christian would not do such a thing.

I think I prefer this culture as it is so much less presumptuous.

(April 15)
Another thought I had today was about fate. I had a run in with a young 20 something Pakistani guy this weekend who asked if I wanted to be on a famous TV show that needed a foreigner who wanted to become a Pakistani/Muslim. The whole thing started when I was told the Daewoo bus to my destination was full but they would put me on a waiting list. I asked what my chances of getting on the bus where and he said are you Muslim? I said no, but I can say “In sha Ala” he said “what do you believe about your fate? You should trust your fate..” I said I believe my fate is in a taxi. He laughed and asked me to be on the show. I thanked him for the offer but said I would rather be an unknown foreigner. We laughed and I took a taxi for 4 hours instead of a bus…. However the taxi broke down twice… so maybe I should have trusted my fate on the bus.

The whole encounter reminded me how much the idea of social justice and the rage that comes so quickly to me at the sight of injustice are both emotions that I can afford because of my affluence. Here people just accept what ever happens. If theirs a coup they except there fate, if there is a huge gruesome car wreck they morn and except there fate. They take very few logical steps to protect themselves because everything is fated anyway. I think evangelicals apply the same (illogical) logic to environmental issues. Fate is not faith people. Fate should not be an excuse to be lazy or ignorant.

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