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May 07, 2005

Still sick as a dog, throwing up out both ends... no fun and very stinky. My bathtub is full of dry barf from last night. You don't realize how much water is in your body till you start leaking it all.

So I am miserable. I am supposed to be with the kid's rock climbing now and then to the capitol tonight to spend time with my local family. They are going to be very upset and disappointed if I don’t go. But it's not looking good. If you haven’t been so sick that you actually crap your bed while you sleep, you don’t know what sick is.

I have only ever been this fragile (in that I can’t stray to far from a bathroom) one other time. I was in 5th grade and I was actually in the same location I am now… weird.

Other than that I am just laying in my own stench thinking about life and wondering when I will de-hydrate completely. :) I do feel like I lost weight though!! But I am afraid it’s all water weight. Bummer.

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