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May 20, 2005

My last night here in the Himalayas for a little while. Got sick as a dog again last night but am ok now, just a splitting head ache! Rushed to get everything done tonight… not fun. I am sure I could have finished better if I was feeling better, but oh well.

This trip was very nice (minus the sickness) I am going to miss everyone a lot. Really great people here. I actually meet a new human here that I enjoy hanging out with. Normally my life is just to full to let anyone in, but it’s been nice to get to spend time with a couple new humans and actually enjoy them. I guess that sounds weird.

Any who ha. I am heading to the wild wild west (of here) for a couple days and then to Europe over night and on to the great state of Condo 18. Can’t wait to eat Tim’s BBQ and throw a couple back with the homies. This has been a long trip… I think I am getting old.

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