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May 09, 2005

The importance of good translation while taking prescription drugs 

Sunday, May 08, 2005 10:07pm

Sick as a dog, I head up to the nurse’s apartment to admit defeat. I am sick. She of course takes pity on me, as medical professionals should and gives me the meds to get better.

She said, the normal prescription one thrice daily, however men should take five. And then went on to tell me how a particular doctor I know and respect always takes five…. So in my complete sickness and delusional state I TAKE FIVE PILLS AT THE SAME TIME. The next day I realize she meant five a day.

About 45 minuets after I took five horse pills plus this one other pill, I realized I was going to spew. I hoped out of bed and spewed my guts out into the bath tub (biggest target available). I spewed potato with the skin still on it, chunks of who knows what and of course blood. The small amounts of blood where nothing but a mere indication that my body is smarter than my head and decided to get rid of as much of the drugs in my system as possible.

So anyway, I tried to wash my spew down the drain but the chunks where just too big. So last night before I put a movie on for the kids I told my sad story of diarrhea and barf an offered anyone who would come clean out my bathtub for me a reward of 100 rupees ($1.50). So three days after the projectile chunky vomit I had one of the junior high guys come to clean it out of my bathtub. I of course got some great video of it!

Two days ago I talked one of the other junior high boys into testing out my pepper spray pen. I sprayed the crap out of him! I also got that on tape. Fun Fun Fun.

I need a hair cut and a beard trim like crazy. I look pretty ragged.

The internet has been down all weekend and the main IT guy is out for two weeks. I sat on my Afghan cell phone and broke the screen… It will cost me about $6 to get replaced here, as apposed to the 70 EURO’s I paid in Germany when my display froze and cracked.


Laying in bed listening to the Bizkit, wondering how many spiders crawl on me at night and feeling like they are all over me now. I actually do this a lot.

The end of my time here is sneaking up on me; I have a lot to do and don’t have any more time to be sick. I have decided I need to buy the following before I leave on my next job cause mine are getting old:

Digital video camera
Digital still and 1gig memory card
PDA (small)
Portable DVD player & recorder
Covert wireless video cameras
GPS with maps of this part of the world
1 gig jump drive

Now all I need to do is find someone to pay for it all….. Which brings me to my next point; where are all the hot rich chicks that want me? Seriously I am surrounded by poor hot chicks that want me and it’s just not going to work. Ha ha

I am also going to need a ton and a half of new music on my MP3 player/laptop as I am bored of the 3000 songs I currently have.

I need to go back and find my post about how my computer was the best relationship I ever had. I think it would be good for the kids to read.

I introduced some of the children to the video of Metallica playing with the San Francisco symphony. Was pretty hard core. They didn’t get it at first, and thought Metallica was “old” but they eventually saw the light. I am sure their house parents are appreciative…not

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