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May 15, 2005

Friday, May 13, 2005 1628

It’s quiet here now. The majority of the kids are gone on weekend excursions, hopefully none of the planned protest will erupt into violence and they will all have a good weekend.

The internet is down again. It’s been thundering like crazy and a little rain. Tomorrow is another range day, would be fun in the rain.. for me at least, these poor guys wear the same uniform everyday, so it probably wouldn’t be for them.

I am out to dinner tonight with some local friends and then back to catch up on episodes of 24 me and a couple of the kids (who stay here when the rest are gone) started on the last break.

Lots to do and not much time to so it, story of my life. The other day a Korean friend of mine asked if I had a “girl friend” which means why aren’t you married….. My answer was “I can’t find anyone who can keep up with me” paused and then said “well maybe it’s no one WANT’s to keep up with me”.

I don’t think I would want to keep up with me if I had the choice, so no harm done 

Life is all timing and opportunity. You either seize the moments or you don’t. It’s that easy. You live you die.

I am sure this all changes when you are in a normal romantic marriage type relationship or have children, but I am not and don’t so that is how it is now, and frankly I like it.

Relationships are really the only value in life, so I am not sure why I feel like this, maybe it’s that I don’t like the stereotypical relationships… or something.. Who knows?

Anyway, whatever it is, I am living it for now.

I wish I had a scribe. Who will be my faithful scribe? Maybe that is the relationship I need?

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