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March 17, 2005

I came accross meaning tonight 

Crossroads : French

You are a visionary with courage and enthusiasm if a little hasty at times. Your ambitious nature can be satisfied when you apply wisdom, patience and self-discipline to your vitality and zest. You have wonderful way with words and may be drawn to the communications arena where there is the potential for great success. Your generous and warm nature attracts many friends and loved ones.


Idealistic, sensitive and emotional you appreciate beauty and need to have a harmonious environment. You are a dependable and conscientious worker and attract material rewards without too much effort. However your altruistic nature is one of giving and service to others with a desire to make the world a better place and you work towards this end. Your affectionate, sincere and understanding manner means that you are much loved.

For those of you who know my other name

Discreet, wise : Irish

You have enormous vitality and originality making you a dynamic individual with great charm and sex appeal. You believe in putting one hundred per cent into all your activities of which there are many. You have potential to achieve great success in business or public affairs where your friendship and consideration of others wins you many allies. Your innate strength and determined effort is able to overcome any obstacles. Freedom is important to you.

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