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February 01, 2005

This week in the life of Travis 

The second day of the contractor being here to remodel the basement/garage into something livable. The lights and power sockets are in, the load bearing wall has been opened up and the dry walling begins tomorrow! It already looks like a new space with the lights.

A couple things I have to do tonight is run CAT 5 cable down one wall while its open just incase I need better reception down there to grab WiFi.. would suck to loose that. I also have to put up all the insulation tonight and seal as best I can the ceiling that is actually the underside of the deck… water issues.

I am so sick and tired of dust! I don’t ever want to touch another peace of drywall again! The bathroom is going to cost around twice as much as the entire room cost to re-model…. That is a project that will have to wait.

School starts the 7th and I still have SOOO much to do with company stuff.

I had a phone conference interview today with a perspective Dallas employer. It went very well. I will probably meet face to face with the big boys in the next two weeks. An actual position with this company could be a month or many months away though.

I have to come up with the money for the present project by Friday. I have never maxed out my credit up to now…. It’s quite a feeling. I am spread thin in every way now, time, money and mentally. I wish my body would take note and shed a few pounds so I could be thin all around.

Having a Tuesday night brain session tonight at Condo 18 to try and put vision to words…. Should be interesting. The participants in this session are a group of young Americans from many walks of life. They have agreed to listen to what I am saying, and then explain to me what they are hearing me say, and then help me to brainstorm how it should be said to get the point across in as few words as possible.

The group is made up of two full time editors/writers, a philosophy grad/mortgage reconciler, a PhD Scientist/electrical engineer, a CIO executive/theologian, a photographer/mother/business lady, a visual/graphic design artist/stud, a high school English teacher/cartoonist/story telling genius and me.

The group comes from a wide variety of former and current evangelicals, a Jew, and the odd former wanna be atheist :). I hope this will be a good first step in the creation of language for this strategic project.

Thanks to those mentioned above for your help and friendship.

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