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February 16, 2005

Middle Children 


Grew up feeling squeezed and rootless Learned not to be spoiled May be rebellious because they didn't feel they fit in

Reasonable expectations Because life hasn't always been fair, they are unspoiled, realistic being treated unfairly may have made them suspicious, cynical, even bitter

Independent thinker Willing to do things differently, take a risk, strike out on their own May appear to be bullheaded, stubborn unwilling to cooperate

Compromising Know how to get along with others; can be skilled at mediating disputes or negotiating disagreements Can be seen as willing to have peace at any price; others may try to take advantage of them

Diplomatic Peacemakers; willing to work things out; great at seeing issues from both sides May hate confrontation; often choose not to share their real opinions and feelings

Secretive Can be trusted with sensitive information; know how to keep secrets May fail to admit it when they need help--it's just too embarrassing

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