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January 25, 2005

Call from NZ

My good friend, YWAM buddy and fellow hitchhiker adventurer called me tonight from New Zealand. We hadn’t spoken for years. We e-mail once in a while but it was cool to hear his voice and catch up. I miss my short life in NZ and friends there. I was SOOO tempted last month to put a ticket on my credit card and just go….but my conscious set in and I listened…. Its not that money is tight… I passed that point months ago; it’s that credit space is tight. My currency is debt. Manage it well and you will prevail, go too far and you will be screwed. I am prevailing still barely. Again the edge is near.

Time line from my bestest friend

As I was organizing today and listening to U2 I ran across a time line of my past few years. My best friend is an incredible record keeping, timeline making, chart and graph addict. She keeps tabs on life well in paper form. She has helped me realize how hectic I really am through showing me on paper. I guess I really don’t realize how stretched thin I am/have been till I can analyze the data on paper. She rocks.

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