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January 02, 2005

Bosnian style party strength and the drama of a good Bollywood film. 

The condo New Years Eve party was a total success in my view. It had Bosnian style party strength and the drama of a good Bollywood film.

The real sign that the party was a success was not only the amount of garbage we generated that was left all over the house, driveway and decks, its was not the fact that every Persian carpet I own ha some form of alcohol spilled on it, or that the wood floors where to sticky to walk on the next day. It wasn’t even that one brave man drank the majority of the Absinth and Bosnia moonshine then spent the next four hours hugging the toilet and spewing blood.

The real sign of party success was that no one realized it was the New Year when midnight came around. We counted down to the New Year between 3 and 5 minuets late!

Thanks to all of you who drove for hours to be there, and to you locals for showing up and being yourselves.

The condo is now clean and all of my guests are gone. I need to get some sleep soon.

PS As the host of the party I make the rules… so I am setting this rule in retrospect. Reality starts over every 12 hours. This is the good old rule we used during my days in Bosnia. In other words, no matter what anyone said or did, or what events took place, all is forgiven or at least forgotten after 12 hours. I found this to be a very useful rule, in that you usually have time to party, sleep and have an hour or two to spare to talk about anything that needed to be spoken of before the 12 hours was up.

As this rule is being explained only just now we will give it 12 more hours starting now. You have until 10PM 02 Jan 2005 until reality starts over.

Try this rule at your next party, its fun…. It’s kinda like being catholic but without all the trouble of getting into a little box with some other dude.

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