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December 11, 2004


I made an offer on a condo. I have been living nowhere for the past many years. I once went to a shrink who asked me to find out if anyone in the distant family had a bipolar disorder due to my lack of being able to stay in one place..... I found out that no one in my family did (as far as we know). Anyway, I bid on a condo, a place to put my stuff and leave it, a place to call mine.... a place in time and space that is.

Next I will need a vehicle.

I almost bought a motorcycle a week or two ago, but figured I should hold off till summer. So I have been looking for a pimp car, because I need wheels. The thing is I am a super extremist when it comes to life. I want a $1000 car, or I want a $50,000 car...... What is wrong with me?

I guess this means I should get a job sometime soon.

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