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November 30, 2004

Delta can kiss my tailbone 

I hate Delta

I am back.

My flights sucked

Delta served me expired pretzels (twice)

Delta served me vegetarian pizza (not cheese, actual vegetarian) I think that is crap. Not giving me a choice and only serving a vegetarian dish to me is like giving a deaf person a wheel chair. Seriously how about I serve only kosher meals to Muslims or only hilal meals to Jews, HOW ABOUT BIG FAT STEAK TO VEGETARIANS. Don’t force me into your minority.

The CIA showed a recruiting commercial twice on my flight from Germany and once on my domestic flight.

The sound on all movies was messed up and the entertainment on Delta was the same on both flights and they where playing the same movies American airlines did on the way to Zurich.

Delta’s planes hat I have flown in are older and crappier than every other carrier I have flown on a similar or same route . Delta’s economy class seats are the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced. My tailbone is bruised every time I get off one of there flights.

Delta’s air is much dryer and stale.

I swear 50% of Delta’s stewardess’s are old, bitchy, over weight biter woman. I would really rather never fly Delta again; unfortunately I have the most frequent flyer mileage with them compared to my other five accounts.

My domestic flight was totally full up and I have never seen so many obese people on one flight. Honestly, not over weight, OBESE! Like extra seatbelts x2 to wrap around them. You know that is unsafe and maxes out the row weight limit. I am telling you, it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Obese people can not just buy one seat in economy, its unsafe, uncomfortable and just wrong.

I have been awake for over 24 hrs now. I need sleepease.

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