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October 07, 2004

Whats up 

I had a nice long weekend with friends from the old days in Islamabad. I stayed at a leprosy hospital (for free!), Was in a car that was hit by a bus, bought a bunch of pirated DVD’s, some books, ate some KILLER Afghan food and thoroughly enjoyed German re-unification day at there embassy party.

My time here is winding down but my workload is the same and I am starting to move into the anxiety stage of fearing that I have not done enough…. I am afraid the job I have been performing in this place would always be like that. The what if factor is a heavy load to bear, I wish that I could be here if something where to happen, I hate the idea that an attack will probably occur when I am gone.
I have a board meeting presentation to give next week and I have to talk in Chapel…. Been awhile since I have done that.

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