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October 28, 2004

So What? Shut up. 

I am a one-man roller coaster.

I am like one of those trucks that work on the rail lines.. you know the pickup trucks that have train wheels and ride on the tracks and then when they feel like it they hop off and drive like a normal truck.

I have been an island before, so I am obviously “no man”

I gave into the inevitable today and lowered my expectations and aspirations to the point of having my VA file transferred to this state. This was a huge move for me, signifying a feeling of self-realization that I can’t actually have everything… however; the decision was made so that I would be in a position to actually be closer to having everything later on.

For many yeas while growing up I spent a lot of time wondering if I was the anti-Christ or the beast. Seriously. For years I considered the likely hood of it, not because I was bad, but because.. well Judas didn’t have a choice, his purpose was to betray Jesus and he did.. so logically it could just as easily be me.

I wonder if they make anti-psychotic drugs for that complex yet?

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