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October 17, 2004

I am sitting at London Heathrow waiting on my next flight. My month in Pakistan went well and I was able to catch up with many old friends and establish some potential business.

This morning’s airport experience in Pakistan is a perfect example of the little things that keep investors and normal people from visiting. It took me two and a half hours to get from the airport curb to the waiting lounge. It was like being in a refugee camp and throwing food to the starving people… except the people where not starving. I pushed, shoved, pressed, slipped and stood for 2.5 hours finally made it to the plane. The plane was over an hour late for take off because there where a bunch of passengers who didn’t push as hard as I did and got lost in the crowds of hundreds at the airport. The funny thing is 50% of the people who you have to press through are not passengers, their family members or groups from villages saying goodbye to there one friend who is a passenger…. However the entire F’ing village try’s to get all the way through customs with there friend, probably because they have no idea what an airport is, but that is no excuse for the government or airport managers to turn a blind eye and allow chaos.

Anyway. I am in London now awaiting my flight to NY, I have three more hours.
I am ready to be back “home” now, so my few days in NY will be tiring. I hope I don’t get completely screwed in this court thing.

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