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October 31, 2004

October 29, 2004

Senators scuffle over 2-offices bill
By Shahzad Raza

ISLAMABAD: Scuffles and allegations marred Thursday’s Senate proceedings after opposition and treasury members clashed over the two-offices bill and almost came to blows.Law Minister Wasi Zafar lost his temper after opposition members declared him a lota

October 28, 2004

I get my hair and beard cut here... 

Blast hits Pakistan luxury hotel

The Marriott is one of only two five-star hotels in Islamabad

A powerful explosion has hit the Marriott Hotel in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, injuring five people.

Officials say the blast was apparently caused by an electrical short-circuit. BBC correspondent Zaffar Abbas reports a scene of real devastation around the city centre building, one of only two five-star hotels in the city.

Glass and other debris are littering the street outside and police have cordoned off the area.
Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said: "There is nothing to worry about".
"It is apparently a case of a short-circuit. We are investigating," Reuters news agency quoted the minister as saying at the hotel.

Islamabad's police chief, Liaqat Ali, agreed. "It was not a bomb, it was a short-circuit," he said. "We are at the scene."


Kidnapped in Kabul 

Foreign poll staff held in Kabul

The election workers were taken from a UN vehicle three foreign election workers in Afghanistan have been kidnapped in the capital, Kabul, officials say. The three were taken at gunpoint. Two of them are women, one a British-Irish national, the other a Kosovar Albanian. The third hostage is a Filipino.

This is the same area I had to use my driving skills and evade a guy who did a vehicular roadblock on us.... This is bad. God I hope this doesn’t turn into a trend like in Iraq.

So What? Shut up. 

I am a one-man roller coaster.

I am like one of those trucks that work on the rail lines.. you know the pickup trucks that have train wheels and ride on the tracks and then when they feel like it they hop off and drive like a normal truck.

I have been an island before, so I am obviously “no man”

I gave into the inevitable today and lowered my expectations and aspirations to the point of having my VA file transferred to this state. This was a huge move for me, signifying a feeling of self-realization that I can’t actually have everything… however; the decision was made so that I would be in a position to actually be closer to having everything later on.

For many yeas while growing up I spent a lot of time wondering if I was the anti-Christ or the beast. Seriously. For years I considered the likely hood of it, not because I was bad, but because.. well Judas didn’t have a choice, his purpose was to betray Jesus and he did.. so logically it could just as easily be me.

I wonder if they make anti-psychotic drugs for that complex yet?

October 27, 2004

It’s been a while. The New York court appearance went incredibly well restored some hope in this country’s due process (had a very intelligent activist judge).

Went to two days of my high school reunion, what I remember of it was awesome. Very good to see old faces and catch up.

I have been busy catching up with other friends around the loop and doing odds and ends that always end up falling by the wayside in my weird lifestyle. For example, I spend 1.5 hours on the phone (mostly on hold) getting my paypal account un-screwed and filing a fraudulent transaction report.

I am going to probably go vote tomorrow, man I hope it turns out well, if for no other reason then to slap down all the damned ignorant extremists in this country. I just hope no matter what, that in four years from now there will be someone on the ticket (either side) worth voting for.

October 21, 2004

Called to the stand today in court 

I am the first witness being called to the stand today in court. I will be the first glimpse of the case the judge gets (except the reading that he has hopefully done) so if you pray shoot a couple words up stairs for me around 2-4pm today New York time….
I shaved my beard for this… I scared the immigration lady on the way into the country so I figured I better shave my beard before court so I don’t scare off the judge or something. I miss it though and am very upset that I have to go to my high school reunion without it.

October 17, 2004

An e-mail my editor sent me upon reading my blog 

refers to a place or situation. Eg: There was no room.
Is that here or there?
have they been there long?

implies posession
eg: that is their dog.
how is their mother?


refers again to a place or situation
Where are they?
Where were you when it happened?
Where can I go now?

(verb: to be) / was
They were extremely unfriendly
When were you there?
Were you nice to her?
What would you do if you were rich?

I am sitting at London Heathrow waiting on my next flight. My month in Pakistan went well and I was able to catch up with many old friends and establish some potential business.

This morning’s airport experience in Pakistan is a perfect example of the little things that keep investors and normal people from visiting. It took me two and a half hours to get from the airport curb to the waiting lounge. It was like being in a refugee camp and throwing food to the starving people… except the people where not starving. I pushed, shoved, pressed, slipped and stood for 2.5 hours finally made it to the plane. The plane was over an hour late for take off because there where a bunch of passengers who didn’t push as hard as I did and got lost in the crowds of hundreds at the airport. The funny thing is 50% of the people who you have to press through are not passengers, their family members or groups from villages saying goodbye to there one friend who is a passenger…. However the entire F’ing village try’s to get all the way through customs with there friend, probably because they have no idea what an airport is, but that is no excuse for the government or airport managers to turn a blind eye and allow chaos.

Anyway. I am in London now awaiting my flight to NY, I have three more hours.
I am ready to be back “home” now, so my few days in NY will be tiring. I hope I don’t get completely screwed in this court thing.

October 11, 2004

Afghan Elections 

"The problem was that anyone could vote several times. I voted five times myself."
-Ali Akbari, Mashhad-

It rained for two days.  

The ground was actually covered in hail yesterday for most of the evening.

I still feel like crap and am sick, but I managed to have a pretty intense hail ball fight with the Jr. high and then played 2 hours of volleyball with the younger staff types… was a good time, great time actually.

It’s been a great time here. I am taking the guards back out to the range the day before I leave to do more training, and train the new ones…. So if I survive that it’s off to court in NY and then home for the high school reunion.

October 09, 2004

I am sitting in the staff lounge where some of the kids are watching an Urdu movie with many lovely Bollywood music weedioes in it. They love it.

Sick and monkeys 

I am sick, fever, cold, snot, and diarrhea. Second day in a row. I have been ignoring it and doping up on dayquil. I have no time for sickness. Its cold.

The monkeys here are really pissing me off, I have dreamed many times of taking that cool BB gun and scope I bought my sister years ago and hunting them.. but alas no BB gun here, only real ones.

October 07, 2004

Whats up 

I had a nice long weekend with friends from the old days in Islamabad. I stayed at a leprosy hospital (for free!), Was in a car that was hit by a bus, bought a bunch of pirated DVD’s, some books, ate some KILLER Afghan food and thoroughly enjoyed German re-unification day at there embassy party.

My time here is winding down but my workload is the same and I am starting to move into the anxiety stage of fearing that I have not done enough…. I am afraid the job I have been performing in this place would always be like that. The what if factor is a heavy load to bear, I wish that I could be here if something where to happen, I hate the idea that an attack will probably occur when I am gone.
I have a board meeting presentation to give next week and I have to talk in Chapel…. Been awhile since I have done that.

Dozens killed in Pakistan blasts 

"The explosion numbed our ears, we saw people falling on each other, everybody was crying, everybody was running," eyewitness Jamil Usmani said.

Witnesses reported people being torn to pieces and screaming for help.


Troops have been deployed to put down a riot in the Pakistani city of Sialkot which broke out after an attack on a mosque which killed at least 30 people.

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