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September 18, 2004

Working for free 

I made it safely all the way here… it was way to long of a trip though. I went to bed at 630pm yesterday after a full days work, woke up at 130am to go abuse the guards (who needed it), climbed around the “jungle” with them for an hour or two, and realized they where all scared of the 1. Dark & 2. Demons in the area. It’s going to be a very long month of bilingual training…. Do you know that this countries regular army’s standard for weapons training is 12 rounds per year? That is ridiculous and crazy scary, even the worst city or county cops qualify with 50 or more rounds one a month or so…. What a mess.

I am staying in the old senior high girls building, above the elementary school. Things here while physically changing have remained pretty similar to my experiences both 10 and 17 years ago.

I watched and rooted on the schoolboy’s basketball team today as they played a local college, we won by one point, it was a very good game. I of course in my attempt to root the boys on made the mistake of calling them “cougars” when in fact here “panthers”, however, the director called the basket ball court a “pitch” (as in cricket) and continued to yell humorous proper British things like “well done”.
This place needs money, the electric bill last month was 80,000 rupees and I haven’t even installed half the floodlights that are needed here.

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