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September 03, 2004

I have been back at the rock of roundness for a few days now. Mostly I have been in a semi comatose daze. I function but am just on auto pilot. I am tired, I am anxious… honestly I am a poster child for pharmacy drugs dealing with depression, anxiety, and psychotic tendencies. My eyes have been giving me issues and I have a hard time concentrating. So what did I do? Well I went shopping and bought some new toys, cloths, and books. I started a company dumping money I don’t have to get it started. I have organized and started writing plans to deal with car bombs, sniper attack and kidnapping, I have visited with family, and spent way to long working on getting a wireless network up and running. I am glad I have a business partner to accompany me along the way and a great editor who turns around all of my products (minus this blog…obviously) with in 12 hours. Now I just need some investors looking for a meaningful risk to take.

I am doing nothing this Labor Day weekend. I turned a year older this week. Monday I am going to go unleash a world of pain on some targets with an AK-47 and numerous other rifles and hand guns, mostly for fun, but also in preparation for training. I am going to test my latest teaching techniques out on a buddy of mine and see how they work before I export them to the other side of the world.

I am cross eyed I am so tired.

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