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September 25, 2004

24 Sept 2004 

Today was a very long hard day. I took 18 shooters to the range to teach them how to shoot and how to shoot to survive.

Once at the range with the first group I decided that the 9mm pistols we have where too unsafe (total crap made in Dara) to fire. One of the pistols actually came apart while firing it.
So the training moved on to shotguns, which turned out to be better since they al carry shot guns everyday. I set up a moving tactical course in a wooded/brushy area about the size of half a football field. They had never experienced anything like that before, in fact most of them acted like they had never used a gun before.

So alot of safety training and yelling was carried out and in the end they where all happy and everyone survived.

"One incident occurred when a guard was holding a weapon and it went off. Luckily I had been stressing everyone to keep the barrels down, the round went into the ground (right behind me) and no one was injured…. The weapon was handed to this guard by another guard who said it was empty. This accident while extremely dangerous is all too common and I believe served as a good example to everyone." That's how I am explaining the one big boo boo that occurred. Over all most did well. They are happy and there confidence is up. Tomorrow I am going to teach some urban combat tactics and have them move around the campus a bit.

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