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August 22, 2004

This Month 

I said goodbye to a friend
My apartment was broken into and $4k worth of stuff taken
I watched the Bosnian CSI and detective team at work…
I bugged out
I ignored over 75 phone calls
I received over 125 text messages
I raged about how to extradite a murderer for interrogation
I raised the preverbal “bullshit flag”
I bought an I-RIVER 20 gig kick as toy
I didn’t burn any bridges while expressing my extreme displeasure with people’s abilities
I drank gallons of beer, Champaign, vodka and absinth
I wrote 17 going away e-mails
I accepted some short term work in Pakistan
I ate 29 steaks and 15 pizzas
I slept in a room facing the airport with no curtains
I wondered how many people where following me
I refused a job in Sudan
I cleaned and feed the dog, surfed the net, and pondered why
I resigned
I had a killer going away party
I said goodbye to a very good friend
I left Bosnia
I ate 1 of the 29 steaks in Germany
I bought a plane ticket
I filed out visa paper work
I thought about how to defend a particular building against car bombs
I considered the threat of children being kidnapped by terrorists
I wished I had additional funding from a wealthy individual who would like to pay me for saving the world on a monthly basis
I watched multiple movies
I looked forward to being with my friends and family

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