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July 24, 2004

I can't see 

I have lost my way and I can't see.  My eyes hurt, I have tunnel vision and I am looking at nothing.  I am ready to know?

July 14, 2004

In the last two weeks I have/had/was: 

Spent 4 days on the beach got a tan had relationship crisis
My sister and friends come to visit
Spent 5 days on the beach
Scuba dived twice. 104 ft and 142 ft ran out of air both times, shared air to survive
Grandpa in the hospital
Changed the plan
Relationship crisis
Burned out of work
Decided to become a student again
Decided to move to the Pacific Northwest
Cut the inside of my nose
Got inked
Spent $4,733.00
Got a message chair thingy
Drove a couple thousand Kilometers
Sat in traffic for hours
Sent literally hundreds of text messages
Received over 60 text messages in one day
Spoke my peace and walked out of a relatively important meeting
Looked into schools
Thought about pro’s and con’s
Experiences emotional torture
Stayed strong
Lashed out
Visited the airport eight times
Forced myself to journal
Dyed my hair and beard
Attempted to hide my distain at work
Read my horoscope
Wrote a couple old friends
Worried about the future
Ate steak at least once a day
Forced a number of smiles
Cursed like a sailor
Consulted the Magic Eight Ball
Managed life……

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