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June 13, 2004

The Sun
The Sun
Your personality is solar. You are bursting with
inner vitality, warmth and strength. You shine
on everyone around you and make them feel good.
Your friends all adore you - and when you
aren't around them they miss you terribly.

What's Your Celestial Personality Type?
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June 11, 2004


My life-stupendously fallen apart This I have felt many many times…..

So I haven’t written much. Things have been busy. Work is really weird, some days I am saving the world and some days I am shooting my own foot off….. Because of things called “Laws” and “International Borders” apparently some people recognize these things and I am suppose to also when I am working…. The thing is this, I am not going to, I am actually going to do what needs to be done to fix this bullshit….

I had a very good weekend in Germany last week, I am gearing up for some important guests coming end of June and beginning of July. I plan to do some diving, some beach’n and some hanging out drinking with loved ones in the next two months… that will be nice.

So the jeans I bought at urban outfitters before I came over here are ripping. One set SPLIT down my ass the other day! I am NOT impressed with the quality. Now some people say “well you wore them every day for 5 months”. The fact is I had two pair I switched on and off for 5 months every day and one is already ruined, and the other is ripping. My one set of jeans from London lasted on my body for over 11 months of straight wearing. So I had to buy some other jeans, I am not impressed with the color or style but they cover my underwear and apparently that is the important part.

This country is getting hot and they have no AC here, I am going to have to purchase one for my pad I think, after all I am a fat Anglo Saxon from North America, It’s my right to be artificially cold.

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