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April 11, 2004


Easter today. Nothing going on here, rolled in at 2am this morning, slept till 12 and got an e-mail from my mommy with some memories of Easter's past:

The last Easter we were in Peshawar the sunrise service was in a lovely garden near Suddar Bazaar. During the service, as I was following along as someone read a scripture, a bird flew over and let loose with perfect aim. It went, "Kersplat!" right on the page, and needless to say, my concentration was lost at that point. I wiped it off and then made a note on the page, for posterity sake, (Oh, and the chai was so good that morning, hot and fresh, with bougainvillea blooming all around.). My senses are remembering well tonight...yummy, steamy sweet chai, beautiful blooming vines, people I love, and Peshawar just awakening all around us. Wonderful memories of Resurrection Day 8 years ago.

Did I ever tell you about the Easter Eve when Travis gave himself a hair trim? Yep, we were sitting at the table dying eggs with friends, when nearly 4 year old Travis picked up the scissors (that we were using to cut the decals), took a huge chunk of hair in hand (directly above his nose), and cut it right off at the scalp. What a sight he was...those long blond bangs with two inches cut out of the middle. We have a picture of that Easter, for sure. I wonder if he remembers that event?

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