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March 13, 2004

You actually hit a fire hydrant? At least tell me you where backing up… 

A system is a system and it is worked, the only difference in working a system in a developing country and a first world country is the level or risk, return and possibly necessity.

I grew up in a third world country, I was an ethnic minority and I worked and continue to work any system I can understand. I don't get the point of this guy or your friend that set you up with him.

You are white and say you grew up a "spoiled brat", to me all this proves is your parents or parents parents learned how to work the system they lived in. I fail to see what the hell skin color or the status of ones country has to do with anything.

I give thanks Allah that you kick this looser out of your "blind date" pool.

By the way, you where born to blog.

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