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March 07, 2004

The Week in Review 

Started packing tonight, made a huge mess and will need to go buy yet another suitcase tomorrow. I have purchased 7 suitcases & 3 Computer bags since 2003. The problem is they are all in storage or stranded in foreign countries, or just not the right size. I am a bag man, as my brother and father before me was.

I spent all of last week with the parents, grandparents, and friends from the old days; there was much talking, a lot of drinking, and one perfect cigar in a huge hot tub.

I watched Air force one on final approach.

I was rained on a lot.

Did a lot of last minuet shopping.

Waited to hear from the job people.

Hoped I actually had this job so I could pay the huge bills from being here.

Tomorrow we are going to look at a pretty cool crack house; it’s an investment opportunity of a life time.

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