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March 13, 2004

Walking the cobblestone streets. 

I only took one nap yesterday; I went to bed after midnight and was still up by 7am this morning. After a long hot shower, I want on a walk about. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful cool mild Saturday morning in southern Germany.

It was market day today so I meandered through the old grave yard; I always like to pass by the WWII veteran memorial, so many lives lost on both sides.

The market was up and running but only us die hard early risers where there. I walked amongst the others, all women over 50 with one or two elderly submissive men in tow.

The Tulips caught my eye, 30 (closed fresh Tulips) for 10 Euros. I passed the cheese man and the smell caught me off guard, I have only been away from Europe for eight weeks, but apparently that was enough to forget that real cheese stinks. The bread man was there stocked to the brim with every type of fresh bread you can possibly imagine. This particular bread man speaks English and likes to talk about the evil that is President Bush; I was not up for a political conversation, so was relieved to see that he didn’t recognize me. It must be my new facial hair of the fact that I actually changed my jeans.

I went to the bakery by the church with the automatic doors, I pointed and grunted to get a breakfast type bun for my breakfast and purchased a small child’s box of chocolate milk. I walked to the church’s court yard and sat down to eat and take in the surroundings, think of the past and wonder about the future.

My life, if it can even be classified as mine, is so spread out, it has more faces and stories than I can keep up with. I don’t think I would like to choose one of them to live out fully, but at times it seams like I can’t live unless I do…..

I will just have to wait and see what Sarajevo has to offer, could just be yet another face, story and identity to add to my plethora of lives, I will be motivated by the idea that it can be more.

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