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March 09, 2004

Thank You Dallas 

Thank you all who shared moments and lived some life with me while I was in Dallas. I had a great time. It was excellent to meet the new faces, and see the few that I have known for years.

Thank you D and K for putting up with me and letting me crash on the couch for 2 months, and mom and dad for letting me hang out in Austin in a real bed for a little while and Em for driving all the time, my PDA, the experience of being a florist, and for always having good ideas.

I think I consumed around 40 lbs worth of Pizza, 12 lbs of Ice Cream, and at least 30 gallons of diet coke during this trip to America, and I only spent around 6 to 8 k $ ! What a deal!

I will miss Sunday brunches and fun with the Scientists and the Edi torsEspecially now that Leah learned to say Yes!!!

And yes Red, I will miss you too.

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