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March 09, 2004


It’s 0600 here in Old Europe, I made it safely yesterday with no sleep, in fact after counting, my fat lazy body got no sleep for 27 hours. I used to go with out more then brief black outs for days, but now I am old and out of shape so 27 hours is about my limit. Upon arriving I took a shower and passed out for 17 hours of sleep with one trip to the bathroom and one attempted phone call to my mommy.

I have a splitting head ache! Its must be all the sleep. For those of you who don’t know, when I am in this part of “Old Europe” I share a two bedroom apartment with three other people ages 65, 26 and 23 all women, all related. The apartment is tiny by American standards, but very nested and home like. My three 65 pound suitcases and two carry on bags take up most of one room. Since I left if appears that these three strapping young ladies have acquired a taste for evening television watching. The have become addicted to some German cop show and a couple other interesting pieces of television entertainment. It’s pretty funny.

The weather here is still very cool, there is snow left over in some places but the sun tends to be out shining anyway.

My flight into Switzerland was incredible, well the flight was a normal crap American airlines flight, but the view was awesome. We skirted the tops of Snow covered mountains sticking up through the calmest, perfectly smooth silk like cloud layer. It was truly beautiful, and awe inspiring.

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