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March 03, 2004

I am a firm believer in harsh and cruel punishment for anyone who takes advantage of a child, through child porn, molestation or any other related act.... but this makes the American in me screams "wait a second".

What happened to innocent till proven guilty, can you imagine being spoofed by a tech savvy psycho, so instead of his picture being flashed around the country for his crimes, YOUR photo would be flashed around. It really doesn't matter if you are ever cleared or not by the government, once your photo is out there on the internet or TV you will always be archived as the one that perpetrated the crime. I think this is very very scary. I agree that the internet and TV are very important tools in crime fighting, however we must be sure that we are using these tools to protect the innocent, be it the next child victim or the wrongly accused "suspect" whose life will be ruined by the accusation. The FBI had the means and the mandate; we should not allow them to become accustom to lazy and sloppy investigations by running to flash faces of "suspects" into the homes of Americans across the country. Technology is better than that.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- FBI cybercrime officials Wednesday formally announced a program in which agents go after suspected producers of child pornography by obtaining "John Doe" arrest warrants and releasing the suspects' photographs or videos to the public.

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