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March 11, 2004

First full day back in “Old Europe” 

One would think that after 17 hours of sleep I would be awake, however my first full day back, included two naps. My first nap kicked off around 10am (after getting up at 6am) and lasted three hours. The Second nap crashed down on me around 3pm and lasted another three hours.

Around 7pm we went to “the Uncles” house for dinner. This is what a love about “old Europe”. We arrive at the house take our coats off greet one another and have a toast with a shot of before dinner fruit liquor. At dinner the men drink huge bottles of damn good German beer. Dinner consisted of a special Sabina potato salad, a really good Chinese style pineapple something salad (that they refer to as American) and some nice cabob type balls of meat and veggies. Desert is ice-cream drowning with cherry liquor and then comes the after dinner red wine. No one leaves till the bottles are empty. 11pm rolls around and I with my three related female flat mates stagger out of “the Uncles” house and back down the very quiet streets to our place, I sleep all night.

This morning I woke up at 6am and went for a run… Yes seriously I went for a run; I am turning over a new leaf. I ran not so far, but far enough to feel like I as going to have a heart attack. I then proceeded to walk the streets taking in the brisk clean cold air of a beautiful morning in Germany. I stopped at the neighborhood bakery on the way home and picked up some fresh croissants for breakfast.

My life is very incongruous.

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