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March 31, 2004

22 March 2004
After a taco bell stop in Tuzla, I made it to Sarajevo. I am pretty much set up in my temp house, and have a nice view to include a cool house riddled with bulletholes. If I were to bring any of you here, you would think we were in the worst part of town, but in fact I have a very nice six bedroom house complete with underground parking garage.

Life here is going to be OK. I am on my way out to dinner and a martini bar. God bless NATO.


26 March 2004 2110

I have been here for five days now. My initial impression is one of pleasant surprise. I had very few expectations of this place, mostly because I knew nothing about it.

Today I went grocery shopping at a local grocery store that could be compared to a super wal-mart (but about half the size). I was VERY impressed by the selection of everything. I was particularly stunned by the amount of Miracle Grow, grass, flower seed, and lawn mowers for sale; I have yet to see a green lawn.

Looking out over Sarajevo from my work is beautiful; I can see the lush green forest covering the hills and mountains that surround us. The city itself is interesting and it still sports its 1980's Olympic dome and sports venues. It has very tall buildings that could almost count as sky scrapers but not quite.

The scars of the war are still very visible with one or two buildings/houses still burned, bombed and riddled with bullet holes on just about every street. There are many beautiful houses here; very large ones, with a lot of tile, marble and wood floors.

27 March 2004 2113
Just got back from my first road trip. I drove the 320+ km round trip from Sarajevo to Medugorje, the holy place where the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary took place. Apparently on 24 June 1981 Mary revealed herself to six young people (which is illegal in some states in the US I am sure). So basically since then they have built and remodeled a big church and created a rather large tourist market which sells Catholic trinket crap all around the church.

The drive was the best part. It was about 2+ hours each way and was beautiful, through mountain passes and valleys. There are a ton of tunnels along the way -- most of which reminded me of the movie 28 days later -- Freaky.

One thing I must say is that there have been many times when I have felt or sensed the madness of what happened in these places. I stood or have driven through and walked around the roads and intersections where the men and boys of the other religion were rounded up and slaughtered. I have driven passed the buses that hauled the woman from the city to the mountain outposts where they were raped repeatedly by the opposing forces soldier's and then returned to the city. The buses had a habit of being shot to pieces on the way back. It's very strange; I have had similar feelings in past places but not for a long time and not of this magnitude.

Sarajevo now is a very cool city. The people are very trendy and concerned with clothes and looks. Clubbing is huge here and the food is awesome. Work keeps me from enjoying more fully the wonders of this place too quickly.

You all need to plan your trip to visit me NOW! You would find it to be an awesome experience.

Besides my rare feeling of the magnitude of what happened here, I am continually bewildered by how cool things here are. The side roads have many potholes but the majority of the infrastructure is working well. Buses and trains run (they are in poor shape but work). There are street lights, signs, bridges, malls, hotels, many restaurants and very clean, nice gas stations.

30 March 2004 2154

Road trip to Tuzla today. Nice drive but it turned out that the trip was in vain. It was a fun drive though. Having a motorcycle here would be pretty awesome with all the mountain curves and switchbacks etc. The scenery was nice, and I even found some snow at the top of the pass. I drove within about an arms reach of some mine areas (photo's to follow) and then spent the rest of the evening back in Sarajevo hanging out at a café and checking out the crowds. One thing I have to say, and this is only as an observation. The women here are all very skinny, and have large breasts. Its not like I have been looking, but its hard to miss as Bosnians are a very trendy people. I don't remember if I have blogged about the Grave yards here...they are everywhere. They are huge and they can be found anywhere you look, from the front yard of residential homes, to the medians in the intersection. It's amazingly unsettling.

31 March 2004

Just got dial up connected at 31.2kbs damn....
This is all so incoherent... it's cause I am in work mode and that is counteracted by no real work, so I stress and my eye goes all crazy so it's too much work to read back and try to make what I have written make sense. Screw it.

March 21, 2004

Graffiti in small town Germany 

In this small town there is a tunnel that leads under the road to the city center; it is full of crazy graffiti and tags. All of the normal graffiti is in German or is an individuals tag, however on this day a person who seems to have a limited English vocabulary decided to add there thoughts...
"Sometimes I think it's only habits that keep us where we are. And those habits are the only thing in life that's really good. " Leah

I am unable to understand this, I want to talk about it. I am flying soon, so it will wait for another day...
Quite possibly the smartest blog on the net res cogito

March 20, 2004

"But in this case, my spirit is ruling over my mind. I am trying to find this balance between my mind and my spirit . . believing that once I find it, I can be myself again, happy and ready to move on." More Via Moonshine Muse

March 19, 2004

Couple arrested after 'Passion' fight

CNN A couple who got into a dispute over a theological point after watching "The Passion of the Christ" were arrested after the argument turned violent.

The two left the movie theater debating whether God the Father in the Holy Trinity was human or symbolic, and the argument heated up when they got home, Melissa Davidson said.

Davidson, 34, and her husband, Sean Davidson, 33, were charged with simple battery on March 11 after the two called police on each other. They were released on $1,000 bail.

According to a police report, Melissa Davidson suffered injuries on her arm and face, while her husband had a scissors stab wound on his hand and his shirt was ripped off. He also allegedly punched a hole in a wall.


Last night in the first moments of unconsciousness I had an experience I hadn’t had in a long time. It was a nightmare but not. It occured in this other dimension of reality that is not sleep. I know I am not in the normal physical world, but the reality of the situation is much more real and effects everything in me much differently then a normal nightmare. I was being choked, I was choking others, the evil was unseen and controlling, it was intense and encompassed my whole psyche. I knew I had to reenter the world of physical reality to get away from this experience, so I tried to wake myself up in all kinds of ways but to now avail, I was still stuck in this other dimension, I finally grabbed my own face and ripped off the mask that was my face, I then woke up back into this physical world. My heart was pumping, I was physically aware that I survived and escaped something dangerous.

March 18, 2004


So this is the new trend. It's a little scary considering anyone can find out alot about you with a little social engineering, but its fun none the less. Ask around and I am sure someone will invite you.

Diving in Bosnia is very interesting.  

"Diving in Bosnia is very interesting. You can dive in various beautiful lakes, rivers and caves."
I am the chairman of the fat ass diver club

March 16, 2004

Dinner with the Arch Bishop of Nigeria 

Very cool guy. Came to the house for dinner before speaking at a local church to a bunch of geriatric Germans about Islam. He was one of those people you want to know more of, and spend time with, it had nothing to do with anything he said, it was all about disposition and personality. It was a classic case of Christians in the developing world coming as missionaries to the west…. The concept is only going to grow, I wonder if they as missionaries will screw the west as bad as we (the west) as missionaries screwed Africa.
Yesterday turned out to be a big shopping day. I bought eight shirts! My fashion coordinator hooked me up with some style. The black t-shirts have taken the dreaded place at the bottom of the suitcase and my new weird ass stripped button down collar shirts have taken over. It takes a little to get use to, but I think I like them all. Time will tell.
I just need to lose some weight so I can start making my cloths look good instead of the other way around.

She has joined us. 

Welcome, Welcome Welll comme, We Welcome to youoooooo (its a song, ask Dan or Em for the tune)

The Moonshine Muse

The Moonshine Muse

March 14, 2004

I miss this view. Life moves on to fast...

This product contains no alcohol 

Today while hearing one of my room mates translate the ingredients of a chocolate bar, I realized one of the many things I like about this culture. The ingredients actually specified “This product contains no alcohol”.

To me this say’s we don’t have to tell you what HAS alcohol in it, that’s just to damn much, we will tell you what DOESN’T have any. To me this makes since and I am a proud visiting resident of a country whose candy is full of alcohol.
The last night in Dallas & Carols b-day party.... I hear Carols blog should be online by tonight.
Everywhere I go people sleep with there computers near by, these are people I understand and relate too. I was comforted to see this the other morning, I told her she belongs in Dallas. Our two bedroom flat here only has 4 laptops and one desktop but we are running DSL over ISDN lines and using a kick ass wireless G router.
Highly trained Mossad operatives, more often on the hunt for Muslim extremists and Nazi war criminals, have been frantically looking for their boss' mobile phone. BBC

March 13, 2004

Spin and dip is out, Grandpa's Chipmunk is in.

You actually hit a fire hydrant? At least tell me you where backing up… 

A system is a system and it is worked, the only difference in working a system in a developing country and a first world country is the level or risk, return and possibly necessity.

I grew up in a third world country, I was an ethnic minority and I worked and continue to work any system I can understand. I don't get the point of this guy or your friend that set you up with him.

You are white and say you grew up a "spoiled brat", to me all this proves is your parents or parents parents learned how to work the system they lived in. I fail to see what the hell skin color or the status of ones country has to do with anything.

I give thanks Allah that you kick this looser out of your "blind date" pool.

By the way, you where born to blog.

Walking the cobblestone streets. 

I only took one nap yesterday; I went to bed after midnight and was still up by 7am this morning. After a long hot shower, I want on a walk about. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful cool mild Saturday morning in southern Germany.

It was market day today so I meandered through the old grave yard; I always like to pass by the WWII veteran memorial, so many lives lost on both sides.

The market was up and running but only us die hard early risers where there. I walked amongst the others, all women over 50 with one or two elderly submissive men in tow.

The Tulips caught my eye, 30 (closed fresh Tulips) for 10 Euros. I passed the cheese man and the smell caught me off guard, I have only been away from Europe for eight weeks, but apparently that was enough to forget that real cheese stinks. The bread man was there stocked to the brim with every type of fresh bread you can possibly imagine. This particular bread man speaks English and likes to talk about the evil that is President Bush; I was not up for a political conversation, so was relieved to see that he didn’t recognize me. It must be my new facial hair of the fact that I actually changed my jeans.

I went to the bakery by the church with the automatic doors, I pointed and grunted to get a breakfast type bun for my breakfast and purchased a small child’s box of chocolate milk. I walked to the church’s court yard and sat down to eat and take in the surroundings, think of the past and wonder about the future.

My life, if it can even be classified as mine, is so spread out, it has more faces and stories than I can keep up with. I don’t think I would like to choose one of them to live out fully, but at times it seams like I can’t live unless I do…..

I will just have to wait and see what Sarajevo has to offer, could just be yet another face, story and identity to add to my plethora of lives, I will be motivated by the idea that it can be more.

Tracking 1450742 blogs for 5452 users

March 11, 2004

Welcome Spin & Dip 

It's been called many things... Spin & Dip, Dallas Mcbeal, Sex in DFW... the point is she is out! You heard me, the house boat loving, Scientists with many sailboats and cats, yes the belly dancing charter member of a yacht club is out. You might remember her from such blind dates as "He washes his hockey gear in the hot tub" or "He talked over me for 5 minutes straight".

She is awesome and a champion pool player (when teamed with me), she studies at odd times and looks like she is 22 years old. I give to you: SPIN & DIP

First full day back in “Old Europe” 

One would think that after 17 hours of sleep I would be awake, however my first full day back, included two naps. My first nap kicked off around 10am (after getting up at 6am) and lasted three hours. The Second nap crashed down on me around 3pm and lasted another three hours.

Around 7pm we went to “the Uncles” house for dinner. This is what a love about “old Europe”. We arrive at the house take our coats off greet one another and have a toast with a shot of before dinner fruit liquor. At dinner the men drink huge bottles of damn good German beer. Dinner consisted of a special Sabina potato salad, a really good Chinese style pineapple something salad (that they refer to as American) and some nice cabob type balls of meat and veggies. Desert is ice-cream drowning with cherry liquor and then comes the after dinner red wine. No one leaves till the bottles are empty. 11pm rolls around and I with my three related female flat mates stagger out of “the Uncles” house and back down the very quiet streets to our place, I sleep all night.

This morning I woke up at 6am and went for a run… Yes seriously I went for a run; I am turning over a new leaf. I ran not so far, but far enough to feel like I as going to have a heart attack. I then proceeded to walk the streets taking in the brisk clean cold air of a beautiful morning in Germany. I stopped at the neighborhood bakery on the way home and picked up some fresh croissants for breakfast.

My life is very incongruous.

March 09, 2004

Thank You Dallas 

Thank you all who shared moments and lived some life with me while I was in Dallas. I had a great time. It was excellent to meet the new faces, and see the few that I have known for years.

Thank you D and K for putting up with me and letting me crash on the couch for 2 months, and mom and dad for letting me hang out in Austin in a real bed for a little while and Em for driving all the time, my PDA, the experience of being a florist, and for always having good ideas.

I think I consumed around 40 lbs worth of Pizza, 12 lbs of Ice Cream, and at least 30 gallons of diet coke during this trip to America, and I only spent around 6 to 8 k $ ! What a deal!

I will miss Sunday brunches and fun with the Scientists and the Edi torsEspecially now that Leah learned to say Yes!!!

And yes Red, I will miss you too.


It’s 0600 here in Old Europe, I made it safely yesterday with no sleep, in fact after counting, my fat lazy body got no sleep for 27 hours. I used to go with out more then brief black outs for days, but now I am old and out of shape so 27 hours is about my limit. Upon arriving I took a shower and passed out for 17 hours of sleep with one trip to the bathroom and one attempted phone call to my mommy.

I have a splitting head ache! Its must be all the sleep. For those of you who don’t know, when I am in this part of “Old Europe” I share a two bedroom apartment with three other people ages 65, 26 and 23 all women, all related. The apartment is tiny by American standards, but very nested and home like. My three 65 pound suitcases and two carry on bags take up most of one room. Since I left if appears that these three strapping young ladies have acquired a taste for evening television watching. The have become addicted to some German cop show and a couple other interesting pieces of television entertainment. It’s pretty funny.

The weather here is still very cool, there is snow left over in some places but the sun tends to be out shining anyway.

My flight into Switzerland was incredible, well the flight was a normal crap American airlines flight, but the view was awesome. We skirted the tops of Snow covered mountains sticking up through the calmest, perfectly smooth silk like cloud layer. It was truly beautiful, and awe inspiring.

March 07, 2004

In 1912, an amendment to the Constitution was introduced to abolish radical intermarriage:

Intermarriage between negros or persons of color and caucasians... with in the United States..... is forever prohibited.

Your Papers Are Not In Order

The Week in Review 

Started packing tonight, made a huge mess and will need to go buy yet another suitcase tomorrow. I have purchased 7 suitcases & 3 Computer bags since 2003. The problem is they are all in storage or stranded in foreign countries, or just not the right size. I am a bag man, as my brother and father before me was.

I spent all of last week with the parents, grandparents, and friends from the old days; there was much talking, a lot of drinking, and one perfect cigar in a huge hot tub.

I watched Air force one on final approach.

I was rained on a lot.

Did a lot of last minuet shopping.

Waited to hear from the job people.

Hoped I actually had this job so I could pay the huge bills from being here.

Tomorrow we are going to look at a pretty cool crack house; it’s an investment opportunity of a life time.

March 05, 2004

Russia has launched a rescue operation to evacuate 12 of its scientists stranded on a research station which partially sank near the North Pole.
The scientists' leader said morale was high in the team, after four of their six buildings sank into the icy ocean. BBC

March 04, 2004


Seizure of Power Pirate

March 03, 2004

Coke 'pure' water claim questioned
The source for Dasani....was tap water supplied to Coca-Cola's factory in southeast London.
I am a firm believer in harsh and cruel punishment for anyone who takes advantage of a child, through child porn, molestation or any other related act.... but this makes the American in me screams "wait a second".

What happened to innocent till proven guilty, can you imagine being spoofed by a tech savvy psycho, so instead of his picture being flashed around the country for his crimes, YOUR photo would be flashed around. It really doesn't matter if you are ever cleared or not by the government, once your photo is out there on the internet or TV you will always be archived as the one that perpetrated the crime. I think this is very very scary. I agree that the internet and TV are very important tools in crime fighting, however we must be sure that we are using these tools to protect the innocent, be it the next child victim or the wrongly accused "suspect" whose life will be ruined by the accusation. The FBI had the means and the mandate; we should not allow them to become accustom to lazy and sloppy investigations by running to flash faces of "suspects" into the homes of Americans across the country. Technology is better than that.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- FBI cybercrime officials Wednesday formally announced a program in which agents go after suspected producers of child pornography by obtaining "John Doe" arrest warrants and releasing the suspects' photographs or videos to the public.
MIDDLETOWN, Connecticut (AP) -- A woman charged with causing a fatal car crash in 1999 says that she couldn't have been behind the wheel because she was performing a sex act on the driver at the time.

Honest Judge I wasn't driving I was giving the driver a blowjob...
Table-top fusion: NRI makes Sun in jar

An Indian-born scientist and his team may have won a place in the sun by achieving nuclear fusion in a table-top experiment, leading to expectations that the world is on the cusp of a bounteous energy source.
Volvo's new concept car, launched at the Geneva motor show, is a car designed by women for women.

This appals me and I am not a woman. I actually feel oppressed as a woman by reading this article.
BSF protests to Pakistan after guard reports UFO landing
NEW DELHI: A high alert was sounded along the Pakistan-India border in Punjab following reports of an unidentified flying object (UFO) taking off from India and landing in Pakistan’s territory, a senior Border Security Force (BSF) official said on Monday.

These are my second time around test results

You're The Guns of August!
Though you're interested in war, what you really want to know is what causes war. You're out to expose imperialism, militarism, and nationalism for what they really are. Nevertheless, you're always living in the past and have a hard time dealing with what's going on today. You're also far more focused on Europe than anywhere else in the world. A fitting motto for you might be "Guns do kill, but so can diplomats."

CUZI I would highly recommend you take the test again and post the new results.....

March 02, 2004

"State trading of narcotics is a conspiracy between officials at the highest levels of the ruling party/government and their subordinates to cultivate, manufacture and/or traffic narcotics with impunity through the use of, but not limited to, state-owned assets,"

There are probably few governments that this can't be said about, however this quote is about NK Funny that it's like breaking news, who hasn't known this for the past at least 25 years?

March 01, 2004

Pakistani beheaded in Jeddah

RIYADH: A Pakistani convicted of drug trafficking was beheaded by sword on Monday in Jeddah, the interior ministry said, announcing the first execution in Saudi Arabia this year.

The Pill That Will Make You Thin Brother K you better get to work... these people are gaining on you!
Saudis quiz 'gay wedding' guests
The Pakistani Government has strongly denied allegations that it has struck a deal which would allow US troops to hunt for Osama Bin Laden on its soil.
The weekly New Yorker magazine alleged that in return the US would support Islamabad's decision to pardon the top nuclear scientist AQ Khan. BBC

Arab Big Brother show suspended
"This programme is a threat to Islam - it is entertainment for animals"
"Our religion has strong values which say boys and girls should not mix together"

PhD award breaks world record!
You should really watch high school Reunion when it comes out on WB. It features a good friend (yes the most famous one) and the class is the class that graduated one year before me at my only American high school. Watch this trailer its crazy.... (I can't believe people really watch this stuff, but I will this time cause my buddy kicks the straight guys ass)
Security stepped up after suicide bombing in Rawalpindi
ISLAMABAD: Police on Sunday formed a 12-member team to investigate Saturday’s suicide bombing of a Shia mosque in Rawalpindi.

I don't know if I should Blog this or just puke and run away. don't forget to scroll down and read the difference between the Bush and Clinton action figure dolls. Thanks 10x0 for giving me heartburn.

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