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February 07, 2004

War policies that makes good sense 

If a war is to be fought a draft should be mandatory. The first round of targeted draftees should be people who have been retired for more then eight years, the second round should be people retired more then five years and so on.

We can keep our regular trained army if we want, but 50% of those who go into actual combat should be the draftees. This would do many things for us as a country and would eventually lead to a totally reformed way of thinking about conflicts and war.

First of this would mean that the old white men in congress and perhaps even the president and his advisors would think before allowing diplomatic means to fail. Most people probably would not want to send there grandparents off to war. Secondly this policy would help our social security system rejuvenate itself. Thirdly, lets face it folks, the X generation really needs it grandparents to fight its wars for it.

This plan would also insure that our younger more promising people would both A. be able to focus on their education during the war and B. realize they should learn how to resolve problems diplomatically so their grandkids don’t send them off to war when they retire.

This plan is stroke of genius and should be implemented ASAP

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