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February 02, 2004

Super Bowl brings out the Puritan fuck heads of America 

So let me get this straight a small single black tit, boob, breast that is bare for a split second is “Deplorable”. You know America has some serious issues.

When a WAR is advertised on TV as “Shock and Awe”… tune in with the family and watch us blow some brown people up…. But HOLY SHIT there is a single breast on TV for a split second… CALL IN THE CENSORS, the FCC and the President to demean woman and their Breasts.

DON’T YOU KNOW YOU’RE A WOMAN? KEEP YOUR SELF COVERED! (reminds me of a little group called the Taliban) I guess we know the FCC Chairman was not breast fed! Puritan ass wipes. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT PEOPLE. WAR is unacceptable… breast are acceptable.

I wonder if Attorney General John Ashcroft got in on this breast condemnation... remember the statue cover up?

Here is one for CBS Lingerie Bowl

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