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February 01, 2004

Shame is a social construct. 

I think that shame is a social construct to keep people in there place, or in line. I think that only society can create shame. I don’t think that shame would be a natural occurring feeling or emotion was it not for social constructs.

In the parable where Adam and Eve realize there nakedness after eating form the metaphoric tree of the knowledge good and evil, I don’t think they felt shame. I think their is a more accurate word for that. When they hid from God, I don’t think shame was the reason they hid. I think they had the knowledge that they did something wrong (duh) but that is not shame. I think they even regretted it pretty quickly perhaps but that is not shame.

I have seen no definition of shame that tells me it is anything more than a social construct inflicted on people to keep them in line or make others feel more powerful. Shame is defiantly a huge tool of organized religion.

Guilt, Humility, Regret.. but shame?

Going to have to ask all of my theologian friends about this…

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