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February 12, 2004

Pakistan to share nuke evidence 

Pakistan presents evidence to the US and Japan that it sold nuke secrets to N. Korea. US and Japan "Analyze" the evidence and decide that N. Korea has the capability to have Nukes... so we MUST go in and topple the N. Korean government.

Here's the thing, we already know N. Korea has nuke technology, in fact we are scared they are sharing it with people like Pakistan and Iraq.... why are we pretending we don’t?

If a president of America wanted to have a war, N. Korea would be much more justified (as justification for wars go) then Iraq. But Iraq was an easier case to build for war, because Americans already "Knew" the evil that was "SADAM HUISAAIN”, besides I guess it was more personal than anything else this time.

So what I am saying here is this. Why are we pretending like the father of the Islamic bomb is going to present condemning evidence about N. Korea..... we already have it.

So we will continue to find these ways to slowly through other nations bring out the scary truth that is N. Korea and some day maybe the UN or someone will take a stand and shut them down.

I personally think that it should be the job of China to do this. We tell china if it wants to retain favorite nation trading status and wants to continue with its poor human rights record (its not like someone is going to really stop them anyway) it has to topple the N. Korean government in two weeks, with only covert forces and then has to allow the UN to set up a new government

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