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February 12, 2004

My issues as we know them thus far: 

1. Lower back strain
2. Mixed adjustment disorder with major depressive disorder
3. Bilateral nonspecific conjunctivitis with exophoria and eye pain
4. Homonyms
5. In 5th grade I was diagnosed as borderline dyslexic but back in my day no one gave a rat's ass or knew what that meant, so basically I am just a lazy dumb guy.
6. Diarrhea is a way of life for me much of the time….. However Wendy’s seems to help

I also have self diagnosed post traumatic stress syndrome, but I am sure that will dry up and go away when someone offers me enough money to go back into some traumatic stressful situation... or I could get married (ha-ha)

I hope everyone takes my lead and come clean with all there issues so we can all avoid eye contact next time we meet

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